TV Jobs Guide: Runner

This is an entry-level job and one that you can bet your boots every person in the television industry has done at some stage. It can be hard graft but it’s the best opportunity you will ever have to work with everyone, have a go at every role and learn valuable skills that will put you in good stead for your future career so embrace it.

Typical jobs for runners – whether in news, drama, factual or live entertainment are the following:

  • Getting tea, coffee and lunch (especially when on location)
  • Greeting and looking after guests
  • Helping change camera lenses
  • Holding the boom mic
  • Carrying bags and moving tripods out of shot
  • Booking cars, trains, hotels
  • Helping with vox-pops
  • Running tapes
  • Logging footage
  • Buying props

There is no end to what you may get asked to do as a runner - that’s part of the fun of it!



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